Masala.AI is comprised of a suite of API offerings and browser extensions enabling real-time detection, monitoring, and automation solutions through the state-of-the art artificial intelligence and deep learning capabilities.

Media Rating API

  • Media rating APIs for real-time content analysis and monitoring applications.
  • Nudity, racy content detection.

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Cyberbullying Detection

  • Real-time content analysis.
  • Text content rating for cyberbullying behavior monitoring.
  • Aggressive language, personal attacks, profanity and explicit content detection.

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vRate Smart Internet Filter

  • Smart browser extensions to detect and block adult/pornographic content with custom sensitivity settings.

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  • Synthetic data generator framework.
  • Autonomous model development.
  • Unbiased and class balanced data.
  • Generates image and structured data.
  • No technical knowledge required.

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